Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who Will The Vikings Hire As Their New Head Coach?

After a disappointing season under Leslie Frazier, the Vikings are in the process of hiring a new head coach. We have not heard much from the front office. Perhaps they are busy dealing with the Kluwe Accusations. Meanwhile, we are stuck with a team missing a coach and a quarterback, among many other positions. Lets take a look at the short list of head coach hires for the Vikings.

The Candidates

Jay Gruden, Offensive Coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals

Hired by Washington Redskins

No, he's not his brother Jon, but he is one of the hottest names on the coaching carousel right now. Jay is a younger guy, but he helped turn the Bengals into a playoff team by revving up their offense around Andy Dalton and AJ Green. It's likely a longshot for the Vikings to hire him, as we aren't the only ones trying to interview him.

Del Rio Vikings
Jack Del Rio in his Vikings Days

Jack Del Rio, Interim Head Coach, Denver Broncos

Will he be back? Del Rio has come a long way since his brief stint in purple. He coached the dismal Jaguars to two playoff appearances, including their first playoff win in years. He had prizes such as Byron Leftwich and David Garrard in his years there, so he knows exactly what he would be signing up for here. Del Rio served as an interim head coach in Denver this season while John Fox was on medical leave. The Broncos performed very well under Del Rio, not skipping a beat.

Darrell Bevell, Offensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks

Another familiar name here. This one a little too familiar. For those who need a refresher, Bevell was our Offensive Coordinator in the miraculous 2009 season with Favre. We were an offensive juggernaut that year, and many are hoping Bevell would produce those same results. Don't forget the next year, however, where we ended 6-10. He was a part of that season as well. Give Bevell credit with Seattle as he scouted Russell Wilson from his alma mater, the state which goes unnamed.

Mike Zimmer, Defensive Coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals

Born in Illinois, Zimmer was comfortable living in Ohio while with the Bengals. Would he consider coming further north to coach the Vikes? Zimmer is considered a defensive specialist, and has never held a head coach position. Some doubt his ability to transition, but he could be a good fit here as our defense has been horrid for years. He transformed the Bengals defense into a consistent top 10, something we would love to see here.

Adam Gase, Offensive Coordinator, Denver Broncos

Gase moved up the ranks very quickly, starting in 2009 as a wide receivers coach with Denver. As the offensive coordinator the past season, the Broncos put up record numbers. Many question how much of the success can be attributed to Gase with Peyton Manning at the helm of the offense. Still, the Vikings appear to be pursuing Gase very strongly.

The Verdict

Well it should be easy, right? There is a clear coach here who we can get, wants to come here, and the front office will go after. But it's never that easy in Minnesota, so we offer you three outcomes.

The "He Doesn't Want To Come Here, But All His Other Options Ran Out" Guy

Jay Gruden

One more DUI could send Jay to the Land of 10,000

The "Terrible Fit But Front Office Liked Him" Guy

Adam Gase

Brad Childress 2.0, minus the 'stache

The "Every Vikings Fan Knows We Should Hire Him But We Won't" Guy

Mike Zimmer

*Hire This Guy*

For The Record

I would be very happy with Del Rio, and okay with Bevell. Jay Gruden isn't going to happen, and Gase is our inevitable train wreck hire. Front Office, please do the right thing here. Or at least don't mess this up too bad.

Comment below who you think the Vikings should hire.

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